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Choosing SCA, Premier Childcare Agency

You know you are right for childcare and you want the best support.  That's where Suffolk Childcare Agency are here to help.  For less than you think, our team are on hand to support you from your first steps, whether you are just embarking on your childcare career or choosing your first agency.

Registering with SCA gives you a wealth of benefits

  • Start-up support and pre-registration training for new childminders
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) (EY Registered: 16 hours CPD and 4 hours Practice Support, Childcare registered: 8 hours CPD and 2 hours of Practice Support) including regular mandatory training.  SCA continually offer training and courses for mandatory requirements and professional growth.  Whether you are at the start of your childminding journey or and established childcare professional, we run courses and training relevant to you; the best part is as a SCA Registered Childminder you frequently receive FREE and discounted prices on training packages
  • Access to high quality support when needed.  Once registered you have a login to our web portal with a vast array of downloadable assets for your business
  • Regular quality assurance visits
  • Ongoing telephone and email support and open door policy at SCA (by appointment).  We all need assistance sometimes, whether its to check a legislation, file a tax return or simply check up on training.  Our team are on hand to lend you guidance and support as needed
  • Networking opportunities with other childminders via monthly support meetings.  Childminding can seem a lonely career, but with our Monthly Support meetings you get the opportunity to meet like minded childcare professionals and discuss topics that are important to your role.
  • Parent Matching - SCA actively promote our registered Childminders and we notify parent enquiries to our registered Childminders 
  • Regular newsletters and updates
  • Help with all paperwork regarding early years funding
  • Automatically registered to receive Tax free childcare
  • A profile page on our website to advertise childcare vacancies
  • Accountancy & administration services (subject to additional costs)
  • Signposting to other childcare support, universal and tax credit information and other professionals

Ofsted or a Childcare Agency - for those still confused follow this link for the Government position on Agencies

A Facebook group has been set up to help childminders make an informed decision about whether joining an agency is right for them. It is for ALL childminders, childminders assistants and for anyone who would like to become registered regardless of whether they choose an Agency or Ofsted. 
All Agencies are regulated by Ofsted however they operate in their own unique way....

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Official Government Letter - CMA Download this file

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