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Working in the childcare sector is incredibly rewarding! 

It is a privilege to be an integral part of these young people’s lives.  The role is also very flexible to fit around your lifestyle; you can state when you want to work.  

Registering with the SCA, East Anglia's Premier Childcare Agency will allow you to grow your childminding business but with the backing of a larger organisation, you are not alone. Which means that you can concentrate on looking after the children in your care whilst we take care of the more mundane bits and pieces and at any time, should you need assistance, we are just a phone call away. SCA will travel anywhere in East Anglia to register their childminders.

As a Childminder with SCA, you are self-employed and will be running your own business.  We are here to guide you through the process, to confirm you have everything in place to ensure a caring, fun and safe environment for the children in your care.  We want your new business venture to be a success.  

Apply for our Childminder Start-up Package today by paying as little as *£25

*The £25 administration fee is part of the total registration fee/start-up package of £150 

New Childminder Start Up Package as of the 1st March 2020 will include:

  • Start-up support and pre-registration training for new childminders, this includes Introduction to Safeguarding and EYFS courses
  • Access to our web portal with a vast array of downloadable assets for your business. The Childminder Portal is where you will find Policies, Risk Assessments, Funding Forms, EYFS (2 Year) Progress Check, Planning/Observations/Tracking Sheets, contracts, process reports sheets, EYFS and child development templates and much more, these documents are fully editable you can amend them to suit your childminding business including adding your own logo, worth over £75 
  • 215 CPD accredited online courses created by leading early years practitioners covering all of your early years provision, specialist/SEND, teaching, learning, and assessment, regulatory, health, safety, and leadership and management
  • Become a registered childminder within 6-8 weeks (with regular updates on your application status) *depending on checks
  • Regular Quality Assurance visits (minimum of 2 a year) worth £200 and an allocated Agency Manager, this enables a one to one service to provide each Childminder with a named and dedicated person to ensure continuity of service
  • SCA continually offer training/courses for mandatory requirements and professional growth.  Whether you are at the start of your childminding journey or an established childcare professional, SCA run courses and training relevant to your requirements; the best part is:''
  • As a registered childminder you frequently receive FREE and discounted prices on SCA training packages including childminding Insurance through Morton Michel, co-childminding which also includes FREE online training with flick, ensuring you can continue to improve your practice and develop .. Once you're Insured your childminder Insurance covers you and your assistants regardless who you are registered with as you are 'Self Employed'.....your Insurance travels with you...
  • Discounted insurance with Morton Michel  which includes a years FREE subscription to the IAS Cradle App. The App is easy to use, and packed with features, including care diaries for children that you can share with parents at the touch of a button.

    You can use any UK assessment framework to create detailed learning journeys, as well as running your entire business using a complete software solution. Best of all, it can eliminate the vast majority of your paperwork! 
  • Save approx £250 as childminder agencies do not require you to complete the 'Home Base Childminding' course (due to support given with the agency)
  • A profile page on SCA website to advertise your childminding business with options for SCA to promote your business on social media
  • Register on the Early Years, Childcare Register and Non Domestic premises (with no additional costs)
  • Register Assistants at time of your registration with no additional costs saving you £25 admin fee
  • Certificate of registration
  • One months notice to cancel Childminding Agreement with SCA

Apply for our Childminder Start-up Package today by paying as little as *£25
*The £25 administration fee is part of the total registration fee/start-up package of £150 


On Going support- Monthly fee £23 

  • Continual access to childminder portal with current legislation (never have to look for information)
  • Access to our SCA CLOSED facebook groups-Professional and proactive discussions between our childminders 
  • Ongoing telephone and email support with a open door policy at SCA (by appointment).  We all need assistance sometimes, whether its to check a legislation, file a tax return or simply check up on training.  Our team are on hand to lend you guidance and support as needed 
  • In addition we offer FREE support groups in various locations over East Anglia along with 'Surgery Sue', our newest recruit 'face to face' advice, Sue has been in the childcare profession for over 30 years also as an HMI Inspector, Sue comes with a wealth of experience and is full of knowledge, Childminding can seem a lonely career, but with our support groups you get the opportunity to meet like minded childcare professionals and discuss topics that are important to your role 
  • Parent Matching Service - SCA actively promote our registered childminders and pass on parent enquiries 
  •  FREE Access to online courses for your parents covering subjects such as reflective practice and listening skills, autistic spectrum disorder, and bullying – with a brand new parent course added every eight weeks
  •  Access to online well-being courses to support the mental health of adults. These courses cover subjects such as depression and suicide, drugs and alcohol awareness, and mental health – with a brand new well-being course added every eight weeks 
  •  Access to online preventative courses for young people on subjects such as gangs, knife crime, social media, and life skills – with a brand new preventative online course added every eight weeks
  • Regular Newsletters and updates on current legislation and feedback from OFCMA's/LA/OFSTED meetings  
  • Included in this package is Early Years Funding-let SCA take the stress away (manage paperwork, spreadsheets and portals)
  • Childminders will automatically be registered to receive 'Tax free childcare' and registered for CPD training through their local LA
  •  Advertise your childcare vacancies via  SCA Website, Social Media and Family Information Service Via your local LA
  • Signposting to other childcare support, universal and tax credit information and other professionals
  • **Free Accountancy advice including 'Income/Expenditure spreadsheets'

**Year End Accounts, NI & Tax services by Pinfold accountancy from £20 per month (ask Megan for more details)

Already an Ofsted Registered Childminder?

For lots of childminders, the word Ofsted fills them with dread.  You don’t see Ofsted from one year to the next and when they do come, you feel like you have to be on your best behaviour.  Childminder Agencies work differently.  

At the SCA we want to work with you to make your childminding business as successful as possible.  Keeping you up to date with the latest trends and legislation and ensuring your qualifications stay current.  If you have a problem or issue, there is no need to trail through websites or speak to a faceless voice at the end of the phone.  The SCA team is there to help and if we don’t know the answer, we will be the ones doing the search or getting on the phone, allowing you to concentrate on looking after your children.

With the SCA on your side all the details are streamlined for you, from standard paperwork to governmental compliance. Contact us for our application form at and we will help you on your way 

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