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The government has clearly stated that panic buying pasta is not necessary so let's look at some practical ways to address the situation. Firstly, taking the time to teach children how to effectively wash their hands with warm water and soap for 20 seconds seems a sensible place to start. Reassure children that despite the media attention, for the vast majority of people, symptoms of Covid19 will be a cough and perhaps a few days off school with CBeebies. 

We must, however, take steps to protect those more vulnerable from this virus. Crutially, identify your vulnerable people and put together a risk assessment. Perhaps consider greeting parents at the gates to limit the footfall through your setting. Ask anyone who does need to enter the setting to disinfect their hands. Importantly, it's vital there's an open channel of communication between settings and parents - prepare parents in case you do need to shut your setting, they may need to find alternative childcare. 

Have an action plan ready in case assistants need time off. Having a plan for all scenarios will enable you to create a calm front in the face of the Coronavirus and put you in a good position to give clear, practical advice to your parents and staff. 

Please see below example letters and Policy, please adapt these for your business:  

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